About Dr. Elizabeth Lee Mizelle



Health & Wellness Expert

I am a Board Certified Family Medicine and Osteopathic Medicine Physician with a specialization in Lifestyle Medicine.  As a member of the College of Lifestyle Medicine, I implement the therapeutic use of lifestyle, such as a predominately whole food, plant-based diet, exercise, stress management and other non-drug modalities to prevent, treat, and more importantly, reverse the lifestyle-related chronic diseases.

I have the unique past experience of having been both an image stylist and relationship coach.  I learned about the relationships humans form with people, food, and even material things. This distinct background has made it easy for me to naturally bring out the best in each of my clients by helping to build their confidence and encourage healthy relationship practices.   I have used these skills in my own business to curate well balanced lifestyles. 

I am available for corporate consultations, speaking engagements, as well as television and radio appearances.  Individuals may also contact me for personal one-on-one lifestyle sessions and wellness-centered experiences.