“New-Fashioned Old Medicine”


Elizabeth Lee Mizelle, DO

Dr. Lee is a board-certified Family Medicine physician with a passion for styling all things fabulously. With her love for event planning, personal styling, and home organization, Dr. Lee has found a way to help clients reach their health goals by curating personalized lifestyle plans. She calls this approach “new-fashioned old medicine” because our society tends to forget the basics of nutrition and wellness as we become more sophisticated. Dr. Lee has a gift for presenting these basics in a way that inspires her clients to make lasting changes in their lives.

She believes the right lifestyle habits can prevent and reverse chronic diseases like Diabetes and High Blood Pressure, as well as improve general health and personal happiness.

Dr. Lee is married, and she loves to sing in church, act, and practice pilates. She is originally from New York City. She is medically licensed in both North Carolina and Texas, but travels nationwide for speaking events and consulting.

Memberships: AOA, ACOFP, ACLM, HCMS, AKA


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