The Mother Land

My dear friend and I had a fantastic time in South Africa.  Africa is a place you dream of going to but never believe you’ll get the fortune of visiting.   I am grateful for this experience of a lifetime.  It was an express trip which included a Safari.   I was quite surprised to learn that South Africa is citified.  You can’t tell based on my pictures because I hardly took any while in the city proper.  But even while downtown, If not for the ever present Table Mountain looming in every corner of my eye, it was easy to forget I wasn’t in the States.

I made it to the Lion’s Head Mountain Top! Very proud of myself.  The mountain you see behind me is Table Mountain.


There is an abundance of breathtaking natural beauty to behold.  I recommend that you spend atleast a week in Cape Town.  Then a few days split between Johannesburg and Pretoria.  There is simply too much to see.  You will want to photograph everything.  Therefore, you need extra time to take in the things you miss while you’re snapping away.  There is also a great deal of fun to be had.  Besides hiking mountains, which I do not recommend unless you like adventurous vacations, they offer great shopping, gorgeous beaches, fine dining, otherworldly vineyards, live music, chic bars, art shows, and of course, world renowned safaris.  Be sure to pack comfortable shoes and clothes that you can layer.  The weather is mild but also tricky being that Cape Town is a Peninsula bordered by water.

I can’t help but grin ear to ear as I bask in the piece of heaven-on-earth known as De Grendel Wine Farm.

 Ready for my first flight!

Ready for my first flight!

If you want some good eating, listen up!  The Test Kitchen is a must.  The catch is, it is ranked #28 on the Top 50 restaurants in the WORLD. With its massive open-plan kitchen allowing us to be part of the creative process, they offer a nine-course tasting. A meal at The Test Kitchen is an experience packed full of imagination and flair.  So reservations are booked a year in advance.  So get planning!


Then there’s Mama Africa.  A very cool spot in the heart of Cape Town’s busy city streets.  They have great live bands and delicious Kudu, ostrich, ‘gator, and more.  I had all of my meat variation on a skewer because I’m greedy  And it was good.   Several of the restaurants along the V&A Waterfront were delicious.  Wherever you decide to go, just be sure to try the Kingklip!  Almost every eatery serves it freshly caught.  And lastly, of note was the buffet at the Kruger Park Safari. Soooo good!  I have never tasted chicken so delectable in all my life.  Perhaps that’s a slight exaggeration, but it is incredibly delicious.  For all of the people who question if one can tell the difference when eating non-GMO and organic food, go to South Africa!  The size of meat and produce served is also drastically smaller than in the U.S.


You know what I always say about traveling with the right people.  This trip was no exception.  I had a great travel partner who is Type A just like me.  She made our sweet excursion agenda.  Or should I say, overbooked us!  I’m so glad we got a chance to celebrate her birthday in true Queen Elizabeth style at the stunning Twelve Apostles Hotel.

 Perfect day for High Tea in The Leopard Bar at The Twelve Apostles Hotel

Perfect day for High Tea in The Leopard Bar at The Twelve Apostles Hotel

How many photos of one thing do you take when on vacation?   This “lady” on our trip took about 20 pictures of a penguin.  On safari she took about 50 pictures of an elephant.  She explained that It’s because you never know which one is going to come out just perfect.  Then your memory card gets full and you’re left to take photos on your cell phone.  Then that SD card gets full and luckily you carry your tablet.  Then the tablet is frozen because of all the videos you’re recording and you start to delete some of the 30 pictures of that Kudu crossing the street.  Finally, you realize 1 or 2 photos of each thing is enough.  And this “lady” I am talking about is not me. *clears throat

Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, on a boat ride around the Peninsula. Taking pictures of penguins and seals.


Near Hout Bay.



At the Penguin Colony.


Near Cape Town Sea Point. God is in those clouds, those mountains, that sea…

Roadside Trading Post for fresh catches

At the seafood trading post learning how to select the catches like a true restaurateur




All I could compare this to is the Garden of Eden


We had the best fortune in the universe on this trip! We saw all 5 big game.


The square in Cape Town


This wonderful piece was made by this talented designer. It can be worn 7 different ways. And, yes, it came home with me.

Mama Africa



2 thoughts on “The Motherland”

  1. Trish says:

    January 26, 2016 at 10:10 am

    WOW! What an extraordinary trip and your photos were amazing. I take a ton of pictures whenever I go out as well. It’s true, you never know which one will look best. So glad you had an opportunity to go to South Africa. What a dream and I love how you bring God into all you do!


    1. RedLipsWhiteCoat says:

      January 26, 2016 at 10:16 am

      thanks so much, Trish! glad i’m not the only person taking too many pics. lol.