There isn't an experience quite like visiting the Souks in Dubai.  This is coming from a jaded New Yorker.  I was so overwhelmed by the Souk salesmen that I had to hold hands with my people just to feel a sense of security.  It wan't that I feared for my life, but in a way I did have concern for my safety.  Similar to what a small town kid might feel being in Times Square for the first time on a crowded hot summer night - loud, people everywhere, invasion of personal space, intoxicating smells of spices, bright colors, fast walks, quick talks.  It can all be overwhelmingly unnerving.  The kicker is that they speak to you as if they know you. "Hey, Lovely.  I've been saving this for you!  Try it on.  Follow me!"   What comes to mind besides that infamous scene in Sex and the City, is me being mesmerized by precious adornments and blindly falling down this rabbit hole.   They were so aggressive and persistent that I felt they may walk back to the car with me.  The gold was beautiful, the spices fragrant, but I really couldn't enjoy shopping for all the peddlers.

Even still, Dubai was awesome.  Bring your coins because it the land of luxury.