Midas Mantra 2018

Oh Em Gee!  It's 2018!  Can you believe it?  I was just reviewing my progress in achieving my 2017 resolutions.  And just like that we're on to the next one.  How did you ring in the new year?  I wore fancy gilded flutter pants to usher in my golden year of favor.  I found myself in the thick of a biting wind chill factor of -5 degrees in NYC last night.  I waddled through the subway station overly bundled in down and chenille, determined to get my party on in anticipation of the the ball drop.  Side note, my husband told me I have an unusually high level of energy, and that most adults my age do not desire to celebrate as often as I.  He gets a major *eye roll*.  I call it the blessings of creativity and happiness that spark an abundance of electric energy no matter what age I may be.  



2018 is going to be unlike any other year for me.  This is because for the first time, I will be sharing it with my husband.  For those that don't already know, I got married three months ago and life has been an exciting whirlwind of changes ever since.  Now that I have someone to share life with, personal goals get mixed in with new family goals.  We are each bringing our own family holiday rituals into our marriage.  We are learning how best to combine them in order to create our own traditions.  

I have not written down my resolutions for 2018 yet, but I'll be sure to get to it sometime this week.  I am proud to say that I accomplished several resolutions from last year's list.  The other goals will be copied into 2018's list for another try.  How many times have you told yourself "This year will be different.  I'm turning over a new leaf!"  Maybe you said " I'm going to stop shopping." or "I'm going to take care of my body better by starting a clean eating diet."  And how about my favorite, "I'm finally going to start using all of my nice things.  No more waiting until the perfect occasion."  I've said all the above.  Is there anyone whose life is so put together that they self actualize all of their affirmations?  If so, I'd love to meet them and ask for the secret.  In the meantime, I say we should enjoy the festive moments created by failed attempts at goals because they are what makes life memorable.  The experiences good and bad, provide the motivation for us to give ourselves another chance to get it right year after year.  

My mantra for 2018 is "The Midas Touch: All that I pursue will be ascertained and magnificently blossom into gleaming prosperity".  In years past, I had been afraid of my own ambition.  My energy and ingenuity have always been on 10, even frightening myself by the intense inner-workings of my mind.  With prayer and time, I've gained courage to step into my gifts and embrace my strengths.  Knowing that I am the child of a King, I now understand that I have been charged with special gifts to share in order to fulfill my life's purpose on this Earth.  Therefore, it is my duty to accept my divine favor and walk in my power.

And so, on yesterday's below freezing night, I decided to wear my gold heeled booties, gold pants, gold shirt, and sparkle into this new year.  I have accepted the fact that I can be so extra and over the top, full of ideas, and full of energy.  All the tools I need to meet my destiny.  



I'm curious to know if any of you feel like you've been holding back your fabulosity (love this word. thanks, Kimora!) for fear of seeming "extra"?  I would like to challenge you to join me this 2018 and embrace my Midas Mantra.  Let us step into 2018 shameless and sure-footed that our steps are divinely ordered.  Know that whatever you touch will manifest into golden splendor.  It might help to wear metallic-heeled booties.  They are now on sale at Zara ;)