About Dr. Lee


I am Elizabeth Lee, a full-time physician and part-time day-dreamer. I spend most of my days caring for my patients. My off duty hours are spent indulging in many random musings that bring me a different type of happiness. I’ve always been very shy, but I have a flamboyant, attention seeking alter ego. Think of Michigan J. Frog.  He would belt out a Broadway show tune, waving his top hat and as soon as he thinks you’re not watching – "Ribit" is all you get.  That was me. I come from a very talented and artistic family so I’ve had very little choice but to have a proclivity to the performing arts.   I've been singing in my church choir since the age of 15.  Later, I spent my vacations in medical school doing “extra” work on television shows in order to satiate my soul’s appetite for stardom.  I believe I'll always have that itch. 

In recent years, I’ve added international travel to my list of past-times, which has made me slightly selfie-obsessed.  So this blog will also serve as my e-photo album.   My favorite part of traveling abroad is that is creates white noise vast enough for me to re-introduce myself to thoughts and ideas which may have been muted by day to day overstimulation a.k.a. social media and technology.   The greatest lesson I've learned about myself is happiness means to me.  Happiness comes from spending time with people who make me laugh, it comes from going places that make me giddy with excitement,  and it also comes from my work - showing people a better way to live.  Knowing I’ve touched the life of a patient by treating, educating, or simply listening to them, makes me smile on the inside.

A lot of my family and friends ask me how I make my multi-faceted life look so effortless. The truth is that life is not easy for me.  I try very hard to balance my career with my personal life.  The scales may tip every so often, but aiming for balance is always the key.

I’ve started this blog  to release some of my thoughts, and musings into the atmosphere as a form of creative catharsis, while at the same time teaching some medical tidbits. Would you believe that I am no longer shy? I consider myself appropriately reserved. I have finally accepted my calling to share my God-given gifts with the world. My hope is that I will make new friends, share helpful information, inspire someone, and possibly help others through my experiences.  Your readership provides a mutualistic symbiosis (Biology nerd).


I am a Board Certified Family Medicine and Osteopathic Medicine Physician with a specialization in Lifestyle Medicine.  That's a lot of medicine!  As a member of the College of Lifestyle Medicine, I implement the therapeutic use of lifestyle, such as a predominately whole food, plant-based diet, exercise, stress management and other non-drug modalities to prevent, treat, and more importantly, reverse the lifestyle-related chronic diseases.

Aside from my blog, I practice clinical medicine full time in Downtown Raleigh, NC.  I am available for television and radio appearances, guest blog writing, and public speaking opportunities.

Thank you for taking the time to peruse my blog. Enjoy!