Healthy Living is achievable. Here are some services to help you get there.



Private health Consultations

Dr. Lee offers one, three, and six month Healthy Lifestyle programs with a focus on any or all of the following: Physical well-being, self-care, stress management, nutrition, self-confidence. Initial consultation includes in-depth history of medical, diet, family, work, home, and other lifestyle related elements. Also included are the in-home assessments of kitchen/pantry/sleeping area, depending on your health needs elicited during consultations. You will have access to webinars for further education on lifestyle topics referenced in your consultation.


Corporate wellness

Every employer wishes to improve their employee’s health and prevent their sickness in order to decrease their organizations’ health-related costs. Dr. Lee’s Corporate Wellness consultations focus on disease prevention. Topics include nutrition, wellness, lifestyle, energy, stress, weight and exercises you can do while at work. You can request cafeteria menu reviews and office-space wellness assessments.

Public speaking


Dr. Lee is a health, wellness, and lifestyle expert available to speak at your event or organization on various topics.

Wellness inspired events


Dr. Lee loves party planning and will curate a Wellness-Inspired Event for your group. In addition, she hosts free “Walk-with-a-Doc” events regularly in the local Houston areas. She also hosts community cooking demos, fitness events including yoga, meditation, running, and walking challenges. Also, lookout for her seasonal clothing swap parties as part of her “Confidence Is Sexy” initiative. Click the News Tab to see more events.

Group nutrition

Dr. Lee’s shares her expertise on plant-based diets or a nutritional topic of your choice in her Group Nutrition Consultations. This service is ideal for those wanting a friend or family member to go along their health journey with them. Plant-based cooking demonstrations upon request. Group Consults requires at least 2 people in order to book a session.


Self confidence consultations


Dr. Lee’s Self Confidence program is a boutique-style image consulting service catering to mostly medical professionals. Dr. Lee loves and studies style, and shebunderstands that for even high powered professionals, the feeling of afterwork awkwardness can be a confidence killer. She offers meticulous assessments of your overall look in order to organically unveil a self-confident you. One-time consults available for special event styling.